Our Thanksgiving Traditions

Posted on November 20 2019

Our Thanksgiving Traditions


Our team has been reflecting on our holiday traditions and favorite recipes and we'd love to share them with you. 


Our Founder and Managing Member Mia:


“I love oranges at Thanksgiving.  I kind of make that a bit of a theme.


Thanksgiving is always at my house, so I am in charge of the turkey.  The below recipe is my favorite.  Orange/Rosemary Butter under the skin and decorated with Oranges.



I cook whole cranberries in orange juice.  https://joyfoodsunshine.com/homemade-cranberry-sauce/


We like classic stuffing.  Lots of onions and celery cooked in butter and all of that stirred into the breadcrumbs.  Simple is best.  The stuffing is just baked in the casserole dish.


Sweet Potatoes.  Bake. Scoop out.  Mash with butter.  Salt and Pepper.  Put in a casserole and sprinkle with cinnamon.


Mashed Potatoes.  Bake.  Scoop out.  Mash with butter and buttermilk.  Salt and pepper.  Make ahead and keep warm by placing the whole lot in a big glass bowl ; put that on top of a big pot full of simmering water.  The potatoes will stay warm until you are ready to eat. 


I always have a fruit salad of Oranges and Pomegranate seeds:



That is what I do.  The rest of my family brings everything else.”


Valerie our Operations Manager:

“Normally, I do not cook for Thanksgiving. I am usually on set up/cleanup/drink duty. I always buy some sparking apple cider, because I loved it as a child (still do). I liked the idea of a “fancy” drink that had bubbles like the adults had.  

However, last year I was asked to bring rolls and I bought some Hawaiian roles and made these as well https://smittenkitchen.com/2006/10/salt-cross-buns/ They were delicious.


I have also been asked to bring a salad a couple of times and I enjoy something simple like this:

Mixed greens 

Candied Walnuts 


Blue Cheese 

Vinaigrette that is 1/3rd olive oil, 1/3rd stone ground mustard, and 1/3rd apple cider vinegar


Sometimes I switch it up with apple and goat cheese. If I am feeling really fancy—I try to fry the goat cheese. To do this, you need to take your slices of goat cheese and freeze them a but in the freezer. Then I do an egg wash, throw them in panko crumbs and fry them in butter. Not exactly healthy, but it is yummy.


I have also been in charge of mashed potatoes, but I don’t actually use a recipe—I just taste test as I go.

Yukon Gold Potatoes

Sour Cream

Unsalted Butter

Pepper (sometimes I use White Pepper)

Kosher Salt

Optional garlic (depends who I am making these for)


I don’t peel the potatoes I just chop them up in smaller bits. I bring a heavily salted pot of water to a boil, add the potatoes and wait until they are soft. Drain the potatoes. Throw a couple of tablespoons of butter in  (sometimes I brown the butter first) and then I add the potatoes back in. I just eyeball the amount of sour cream as I mash the potatoes (spoon full at a time until the desired creamy level is achieved). I add salt and pepper to taste (because I salt the water, I usually taste before I add more salt, but I like salty potatoes).


Other things I have made that I love:



Val our Social Media and Marketing Manager:

“ Thanksgiving has traditionally always been at my Mom's house. She always hosts a large cast of family and friends. I typically bring a healthy side. 

However this year I'm taking on hostess duties.  I'm baking the turkey, making the stuffing and preparing the environment. I cheated and ordered the pies.  

My favorite stuffing is a cornbread stuffing, I'm gluten intolerant but everyone every year says the gf cornbread stuffing is amazing." https://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com/2012/11/gluten-free-cornbread-stuffing-roasted.html


Enjoy your time with your friends this Thanksgiving.   Please try our favorite recipes this holiday season.

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