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We love a good story. And we love sharing about our bags – why we make them, where they come from, what they mean to us.


Anabaglish Birdie Reversible Bag

business casual style for mountain girls

My fellow lady skiers, there comes a time when we all have to put our ski bum look aside and pretend to be real adults. That means ditching (only temporarily!) our trucker hats, beanies, and most beloved (read: very well-worn) flannel. . .

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shoes, handbags & many hats

The daily downpour began – a welcome relief from the heat of Vietnam. Mia Scofield looked around the crowded table of the Mexican restaurant. . .

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power of the purse in oregon

While attending an education conference, Mia Scofield discovered a retail store that inspired her to design her own line of handbags. . .





purses with purpose

A woman can take for granted how much she relies on her purse. Think of the time you lose if your cell phone isn’t in a convenient pocket, for example. . .

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things that move you!

What moves you to create? I guess it is kind of like...There is a saying about a tree, it is either growing or it is dying. I think creativity is like that...you have to have a project.

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