Anabaglish x FashioNXT

Posted on October 14 2019

Anabaglish x FashioNXT

We had the great honor of working with the designers in FashioNXT’s Emerging Designers Contest. Our bags were featured on their runway shows last week. Each designer styled one of our bags in their runway collection.  The best overall look incorporating our bag won the contest, the winner will collaborate with us on a design of a new bag.   

Please meet these lovely designers:

Akrofi Adjumani         

Akrofi used the new Nomi Bag in his runway show and was the winning look!  The Nomi Bag will be available later this year.


Akrofi Adjumani is a Seattle-based Ghanaian fashion designer whose garments bridge cultures. Akrofi Adjumani’s multicultural designs are inspired by nature, architecture, and his homeland, Ghana, and its culture. His products bring together a vibrant palette and sophisticated, tailored pieces.

We can’t wait to collaborate with Akrofi, and see what we might come up with together.


Jordan Kendrick of JK Designs

Jordan incorporated the Skylar Bag in black.

Jordan Kendrick’s clothing line is made for the woman who craves to standout in the crowd. Creating statement pieces with timeless sensibility “Seasons Change” offers transitional pieces that take us from summer to fall.  Light weight textiles, summer prints, paired with cozy outer wear to ease us into colder weather.


Mingaile Simenaite of Soap Stealer

Chose the Ivy Clutch and the new Dora Bag to be included in her runway show. The Dora will be available for sale soon!


“When I was a little girl I used to steal and hide dry soap pieces that my mother and aunt used instead of tailors’ chalk. It all started as a game but soon it grew up into sewing and designing passion, where every garment I made was meant to express myself and inspire others. I taught myself most of the things and went on this creative journey without looking back." 


Camila Castillo founder of Camila x Castillo


Camila used the Addie Backpack in black in her runway show.

Camila Castillo Neumayer was born in New York City to gallerist and art curator parents who instilled in her the love for the arts at an early age, thus the intricate and sculptural feel of her work. Camila pursued a career in fashion after studying graphic design.

Her work has been featured in numerous international publications such as Vogue, Elle, etc. and she has showcased her work in such prestigious fashion events as Los Angeles Fashion Week , CONCEPT LA , Australia Eco fashion week and Van Fashion Week.


We are so inspired by the amazing creative talent we had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in during fashion week.  We are looking forward to what is NXT!

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